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Ooni Pizza Ovens FAQ's

How long does it take to cook a pizza?

All models will cook a pizza in 60 seconds and heat up to 950°F (500°C)

What regulator is provided with the pizza ovens?

The regulators provided with gas fired ovens are QCC1 and are suitable for Patio Gas bottles. The add-on gas burner for the Karu models also use a QCC1 regulator.

Can the Pizza Ovens be used on wooden decking?

Yes, the heat from the oven is not radiated downwards and the ovens are safe to use on wooden decking. We do not recommend that they are not used on glass or polywood table tops.

How can I clean my Pizza Oven?

The high cooking temperature ensures that the ovens generally self clean. Once the oven cools down for at least 90 minutes, the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush can be used to brush and scrape off any excess food waste. Once cleaned, simply flip the stone baking board over ready for your next use.

How do I store my Ooni Pizza Oven?

Ooni Pizza Ovens should be dry and completely cool before storing. We recommend that they are stored in an Ooni protection cover and indoors when not in use.

All Ooni Protection covers are 100% weatherproof with an elastic edges for a snug fit. Some covers have adjustable straps and handles. The Fyra protection cover comes with a detachable chimney and hopper bag.

Can I purchase Ooni accessories?

Yes. Ooni fuels, covers and accessories are available through Creation of Nature. These include;

⇒ Protection covers ⇒ Ooni Hardwood Logs, Ooni Lumpwood Charcoal, Ooni Hardwood Pellets and Ooni Natural Firestarters ⇒ Pizza Peels ⇒ Karu Gas Burners ⇒ Cooking and cleaning tools and clothing ⇒ Ooni Cooking with Fire Cookbook

Is Ooni dough available?

Dough can be ordered on Ooni’s website, along with a range of other groceries such as flour, toppings and oils. Visit uk.ooni.com to browse for items and recipes.

What is the warranty on Ooni Pizza Ovens and accessories?

Ooni Pizza Ovens and accessories carry a 12 month manufacturer’s limited warranty. The warranty on Ooni Pizza Ovens can be extended to 5 years by registering your purchase on the Ooni website. We always advise that end users keep a proof of purchase when purchasing to avoid any delay in an event of a warranty claim. Please ask for full details of our warranty and refer to this for claim information.

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